The Effects of Alcohol on Babies

The effects of alcohol on babies is never a good thing but it seems to be much worse for infants in utero than it is for breast feeding babies. Alcohol consumption while pregnant can lead to a variety of birth defects including mental retardation. Some babies have even thought to have had learning disabilities when they get older because of exposure to alcohol. When you are breast feeding you run the risk of your baby being too drowsy or giving them muscle weakness.

Key Takeaways:

  • Alcohol consumption when pregnant can cause heart issues, sleep issues and emotional issues for a baby.
  • Alcohol can be transferred through breastmilk and can cause the child to become to tired to eat. That will lead to a weak baby. Mothers shouldn’t breastfeed until 3 hours after alcohol consumption.
  • Mothers should not be drinking alcohol when pregnant under any circumstances as the risks are too serious.

“Fetal alcohol syndrome can have a lasting effect on a child who is born with it. Under no circumstance should a woman ever drink while being pregnant.”

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