My Daughter Is An Emotional Martyr And I’m Concerned

My daughter is a people pleaser, but that’s actually putting it mildly. She feels very guilty when other people don’t get what they want, even if it means she doesn’t get what she wants. She would rather be taken advantage of than to stand up for herself if it meant that the other person got to be happy. She will put her foot down when it comes to her favorite restaurant but that’s about it. She even goes as far as blaming herself for something her brother does.

Key Takeaways:

  • My daughters assertiveness ends with what she prefers to eat, everything else she gives up to please others.
  • When her brother does something wrong, she will take the blame, seeing him get punished makes her feel guilty
  • Her issue goes beyond people pleasing, she’s willing to sacrifice all of herself for others.

“She sacrifices her own feelings, her own wants, to make other people happy or to avoid conflict.”

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