What Foods Should a Breastfeeding Mom Avoid?

Breast fed babies are some of the healthiest because of all the vitamins and nutrients that it provides that a baby needs to grow properly. There are some foods to avoid though, if you’re breastfeeding, because what you take in, the baby also does. Dairy is among the top choice of food that you will want to avoid because it contains some of the most colic inducing of ingredients. Caffeine and gas causing vegetables are also on the list of foods to avoid.

Key Takeaways:

  • Dairy products tend to make up most of the colic-causing foods in breastfed babies as 2.5% of people are allergic to cow milk.
  • Caffeine can be passed via breast milk and if fed to a baby can keep them restless and awake all night.
  • Nuts should be avoided as they can cause colic or eczema in breast fed babies depending on allergies.

“The primary complication of breastfeeding is that certain foods can cause colic, or excessive fussiness, and/or an allergic reaction in babies.”

Read more: https://www.hellomotherhood.com/article/104647-foods-should-breastfeeding-mom-avoid/

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