Sorry, But Pediatricians Say No Playgrounds During The Pandemic

With the majority of Americans on week two of social distancing, it’s safe to say that everyone is starting to get a little stir crazy. Plus, with spring and warmer weather on the horizon, that itch to get outside is only intensifying; especially in our children.

The safest and most obvious solution would be to simply enjoy the great outdoors within the confines of our own yards. But what about those who live in apartments and condos? Considering such factors, it’s easy to see why many parents are becoming tempted to take their kids to the playground.

Pediatricians, however, are pleading that they don’t.

In an interview with USA Today, Dr. Gregory Cain, a pediatrician in Port Orchard, Washington addressed these desires in one simple word: no.

He does, however, reason that walking on trails or around the neighborhood is an acceptable activity, as long as you adhere to adequate social distancing standards.

Likewise, Dr. Niran Al-Agba, a pediatrician in Silverdale, Washington, is also wary about the idea of kids congregating on the playground.

She told USA Today the following:

“I would never dare judge anyone else’s situation, but if you can stay home, stay home. I’m concerned about our elderly folks. The more the kids interact, the more they’re going to spread it.”

Judging from what we already know about the novel coronavirus and how it spreads, these suggestions are completely justifiable. This extremely contagious virus is not only airborne but can also survive on surfaces for days; yes, even outside. This means that if a child sneezes on or loses saliva or mucus on the slide or swingset, that piece of playground equipment could now have the potential to infect countless others. Even more troubling is that children with novel coronavirus tend to be asymptomatic, meaning that they might be unknowingly spreading the virus even if they seem to be well.

Ultimately, the general consensus from medical professionals on the issue seems to be that it simply isn’t worth the risk. And while the constraints of social distancing are incredibly challenging, if we don’t work together to contain this virus, it will only lead to even more days away from enjoying our favorite activities.

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