People Are Placing Teddy Bears In Windows To Lift Mid-Pandemic Spirits

There is no doubt that social-distancing has placed some pretty significant restraints on how we interact with the world around us. This unforeseen public health crisis quickly obliterated our comfortable daily routines, and the adjustment period is still ongoing. The good news, however, is that these unfortunate circumstances have lead to some pretty creative solutions, especially when it comes to keeping our children entertained.

Although we’re all being profoundly impacted by this pandemic, kids are undoubtedly some of the most affected by the social constraints of the coronavirus. This is made evident by the sudden school closings, playground bans, and lack of interaction with their peers and classmates. Thankfully, kind souls across the country are all pitching in to help make self-isolating not only a little more manageable- but also a little more magical!

The idea of “bear hunting” has quickly swept social media by storm, and can now be enjoyed in neighborhoods across America. The concept of “bear hunting” is to place a teddy bear in the window of your home or garden for children to spot while they take short walks around the block; which is often their only time spent out of the house. This simple effort has significantly elevated this somewhat boring activity (most kids can’t comprehend the concept of walking for the sake of walking) into an exciting effort to see how many bears they can find on their outdoor adventure.

Needless to say, mothers everywhere are incredibly grateful for these kind gestures to help ease the burden of quarantine boredom. So place a teddy in your window, spread a little cheer, and give yourself a big bear hug for making a child’s day. It really is the little things that matter the most; now more than ever.

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