Yes, I Plan My Life Around My Baby’s Sleep Schedule And No, I Won’t Stop

I have what you might call a “good sleeper.” Yes, I know that sleep is developmental, and I think that society’s obsession over how much a baby sleeps is a little asinine, but I can’t help it. On most days, my daughter will go down for a three-hour nap. Three. Freaking. Hours. Let me break that down for you in mommy real-talk. That’s three hours for me to take a shower, eat a meal, call a friend, respond to emails, tidy up the house, or just sit on my ass. Listen. I love my daughter more than life itself, but naptime is the most glorious part of my day. Go ahead and judge me. I’m just living my truth.

So it’s pretty needless to say that when a friend or family member tries to make plans with me during those heavenly hours and insists I just “skip a nap,” I’m not exactly enthusiastic. Despite being a solid sleeper, my daughter is also a high maintenance sleeper. From the time she was a newborn, she was never one to fall asleep in a car seat, stroller, sling, or in my arms. No. She needs to be in her crib with her lovey, lamb-lamb, blackout curtains drawn, and the fan on setting 2, producing the perfect level of white noise.

Did I “break” my baby by obliging to her sleep preferences day after day? I don’t know! And to be honest, I don’t really care. She loves taking her long, luxurious afternoon naps. And I love that she loves taking long, luxurious afternoon naps. It’s a win-win. Sure, I probably could’ve insisted upon moving forward with my pre-baby schedule of doing whatever, whenever, and yes, maybe she would have eventually adjusted. But motherhood is hard y’all, and when you find something that works, sometimes you just want to settle in and enjoy it.

So yes. I plan my life around my baby’s sleep schedule, and no, I won’t stop. No lunch, shopping trip or visit to a museum exhibit is worth dealing with a cranky baby and an even crankier me. Between the hours of 7 AM-12 PM and 3 PM-7 PM, we’re yours for the taking. Give us a time and place, and we’ll show up well-rested with bells on. But those three inconvenient hours smack dab in the middle of the afternoon? Sorry, but those are for us. And I plan on holding on to them for as long as possible. 

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  • Amen! Our daughter takes two naps a day on the weekends and they are both anywhere from 2 to 3 hours… shes up at 7 and back down around 9 up for lunch around 12 and back down around 2… she will grab her baby doll and walk us to her crib. She loves to sleep and we let her. Our work week is hectic and she has to get up so early and we get home so late. I let her sleep when she wants on the weekend. She has fallen asleep at 3pm on a Saturday and slept through the night. I’m not going to wake her up to eat, I’ll just make her a hearty breakfast on Sunday. She obviously needs the rest!

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