Stop Paying Kids As A Reward

Some parents tend to use money as an incentive for their kid’s good behavior, getting good grades, or even performing well in sporting events. Although, recent studies have shown that this monetary reward may be detrimental to the child’s overall development. Some research has even suggested that using sticker charts even goes to far in creating a false reward economy for a child. Overall, parents should strive for their children to earn success through satisfaction, rather than money.

Key Takeaways:

  • Using money as a reward for children, no matter the situation, is breeding poor behavior.
  • Some studies have gone as far as saying sticker charts are detrimental for a child’s development.
  • The goal should be to eliminate money to a child and teach them to be a mindful human, not an entitled kid.

“Besides being a sign of privilege many don’t have, monetary or tangible rewards are not enough to keep kids motivated.”

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