Pastry Fun During Pregnancy

Many pregnant women have food cravings, and pastries is a common one. But it can be difficult to make sure that you’re eating healthy while also satisfying those cravings! Using leftover materials for holiday baking can be a great way to satisfy those cravings in an economical way, and you can also make something healthy with them. Some fun recipes might be low fat apple tarts, healthy chocolate chip scones, and an easy pumpkin hand puff. None of the recipes listed have more than 12 ingredients, so it will be easy to make these dishes happen. Bon apetit!

Key Takeaways:

  • During pregnancy, it can be tough to balance pastry cravings with what is healthy for your baby.
  • A leftover pie crust can be utilized in a variety of healthy and delicious recipes.
  • Consider trying a healthy chocolate chip scone, a breakfast crostata, or a low fat apple tart.

“During the holiday times you may even notice that you find yourself with a lot of extra ingredients after baking for an event or family.”

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