Awesome Online Pregnancy Tools

Technology has added several tools to the modern woman’s repertoire. There are now many aids in planning, tracking and guiding pregnancy, all online. Ovulation trackers provide an easy way to find the ideal time to conceive. Pregnancy calendars can keep track of important milestones and points of interest. Due date calendars can show developmental points and help plan for the birth. There are also fun resources, less scientific, but more enjoyable. Chinese baby gender prediction sites, birth trivia sites, and genetic prediction sites all add some fun online enjoyment to pregnancy.

Key Takeaways:

  • Just about everything you need to know about pregnancy these days can be found online.
  • The Bump Ovulation Calendar can quickly and easily help you check your basal body temperature.
  • The Babysizer tool will help you to track your baby’s growth each week and provide you with fun facts about your baby’s development.

“These tools allow future mamas to get a better understanding of everything from conception to pregnancy and delivery.”

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