DIY Baby Toys for Newborns

You don’t have to spend an extensive amount of cash to own newborn toys that will stimulate your infant’s senses while keeping them safe. One great DIY toy that you can create right in your home is a discovery jug. All you need is a large container, some scissors, and small items that are safe for your infant to play with. Cut a hole in the top of the container so that your infant can fit their hand through it, and allow them to explore through a variety of different toys, creating their own little world of exploration.

Key Takeaways:

  • You can turn any old milk carton into a Discovery Jug filled with safe items for your baby to explore.
  • A zippered bag can be lined with hair gel, filled with interesting items for your child to touch, and then sealed with duct tape, creating a Sensory Play Bag.
  • With a small ball and ten clean, painted water bottles, you can create a sort of bowling set for your infant.

“These toys are safe, can stimulate the infant’s senses of touch and sight and enhance the environment in which the child spends his or her very early days.”

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