Toddler Dinnertime vs. Parent Work Schedules

Toddlers are notorious for working on their own schedule and this article addresses one of those major concerns, especially with meal time. The one parent is concerned about feeding her child at 5 when she is hungry instead of 7:30 when her husband gets home. Overall the reviewer feels that it is fine, since a child will eat when they are ready and it is tough to get a one year old on all adult’s schedules. It is better to work with the family and develop the routine further.

Key Takeaways:

  • Treat your babies meal as if you were preparing a meal for the rest of your family.
  • Preparing your babies meals in advance and freezing them can help save time and allows flexibility.
  • A pressure cooker is the easiest way to align your babies eating with your eating.

“She’s still mastering eating solid foods in general right now, and still on a very different sleep/awake/eat schedule than the rest of the family. So it’s really perfectly acceptable to make a separate meal for a one-year-old.”

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