Introducing Thérèse…

It’s been awhile since I’ve written anything for this blog myself! Pregnancy affects us all in different ways, and I have spent the last year or so in my protective little bubble–growing, birthing, and loving on our sweet Caroline. She’s officially four months old, and we’ve survived the fourth trimester! I’m sure with three kids and a business things will remain a “little” busy, and we’ll always be living in a constant state of chaos, but I’m slowly getting my voice back and I can’t wait to start contributing to the blog again!

Our goal over the next year is to continue to use the revenue generated by the clothing sales at Latched Mama to fund the development of more education, inspiration, and support for our social media community. There are amazing things to come, which will be rolled out over the coming weeks/ months. We will be launching a fabulous app-based magazine and have begun to develop a resource section of our website. We’ve hired additional blog writers and will be working to integrate professionally moderated forums into the blog. Our goal is to transition Latched Mama into more than just a clothing line; we want it to also be a place where all moms can turn to for support and education.

With that said, I’m absolutely thrilled to announce the latest writer and addition to our family!

Calling Thérèse Hak-Kuhn a “wealth of knowledge” seems like a drastic understatement. I’ll let her introduce herself below, but some things can’t be truly comprehended in a self written bio.

Thérèse has made it her life’s mission to educate and empower women during their childbearing years and beyond. Her compassion is unrelenting, and ingrained deep within her is an incredible amalgam of fierce passion for what she personally believes in and an understanding that we are all on our unique paths.

I’ve always felt that Latched Mama is being led in some way. Every time we’ve hit an obstacle or something feels impossible, the seas have parted and I’ve been given the gift of perspective and clear thought. On the days where it all feels like too much or the mistakes are great, without solicitation, I always receive a text from someone in my world cheering me along or receive an email from a happy customer and a grateful mom. Thérèse’s addition to our community is one of those things. She’s one of those unexpected contributions to my world and this community that allows me to take a deep breath and trust that not only will Latched Mama continue to grow, but we will continue to make a difference–and in the end that is what this is all about…and it’s the only way that I measure success.

Here on the blog Thérèse’s will write about topics she’s passionate about, but we’d also love to open things up and allow you to directly tap into her years of experience (which you can read about below). Are there topics on motherhood or pregnancy you’d like to learn more about? Are there things that you’re struggling with? You can send questions directly to me at and I’ll pass them along to Thérèse.

There aren’t many gifts like Thérèse in this world, I’m excited to lean on her knowledge, understanding, and experience to make a difference in the Latched Mama community!


From Thérèse…

I have been involved in birth actively since the birth of my first daughter in 1980. Her birth transformed me in ways that no one could have explained prior to her emergence…no words would ever suffice for the love and the power I felt at that moment. No words would ever suffice for the powerlessness and fear I felt simultaneously. I went on to have two more daughters and three sons, each one teaching me something unique and leading me on pathways that I would never have dreamed of.

I have attended 100’s beyond 100’s of births; each birth has brought me a deeper understanding of the importance of being fully present and giving unconditional compassionate care. As the facilitator of a birth circle for over 20 years, I have listened to a woman’s perspective on her birth, I have heard her partner’s view, and I have learned how to hold them both. As the executive director of an international doula training organization, the 4,000-plus people I have taught in workshops bring me a greater view of the world and back to the importance of respectful listening.

Throughout the years I have heard so many stories of people’s lives, their hurts, pains, joys, successes, their questions, and their dreams. What I have learned in all of these experiences is that we all have a story, our stories are important, and when we are ready to share our story, we all want to be heard.

I am an activist. The activism I practice is multi-faceted but at its core is compassionate care, critical thinking, non-violent communication and the right to be heard. I have a lot to say–much of it from my own life experiences that increase daily and from the stories I have been honored to participate in. I look forward to sharing with you, hearing from you, and having the opportunity to continue to participate in dialogues that support community and change.

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