Give Your Kids Real Life Experiences Away From Screens

Children today experience life in a much different way than children of even a few decades ago did; the glow of iPads, smartphones, and TV screens is constant, and there’s more of a priority in telling the world you did something interesting via social media than in actually being present in the moment of that interesting experience. When this is how kids’ lives are structured these days, it’s almost frightening to wonder how their children will experience the world someday. For the parents that are fed up with the constant push towards digitization, this “wish list” from Hands Free Mama is a great way to gain some perspective.

The blogger shares some of the things that she hopes her daughter will experience in life, and not through her smartphone screen, like making fresh squeezed lemonade with her own two hands, not from a can. Or the joy of a spontaneous dinner party that lasts all the way through the night. And even moments of peace and total silence – something that is hard to experience when there are constant notifications pulling us back to our digital world. For more of life that your kids should experience without a screen, read on.

Read the full article here: Wish List for Those Growing Up With a Phone In Hand

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