Incredible, Unbelievable Birth Stories

No two births are ever the same, and I think that’s what makes birth stories and photos so enchanting. Once you’ve brought life into this world yourself, you understand a big part of what only mothers know, though every woman has a unique experience – especially these women!

Featured at, these fifteen birth stories are unbelievable. Some are true miracles, such as young mom Amy Buck who began labor early in her pregnancy for 20 days before giving birth to a baby barely over 1 pound. There are also tragic stories with beautiful endings, such as the woman who rolled to safety after being tied up, shot and lit on fire by an attacker and then went on to give birth a few days later. Crazy!

Joanna Krzysztonek from Poland went into labor early and lost one of three triplets before her doctor told her to keep her feet up and hold them in as long as she could. She stayed that way for two and a half months before delivering two healthy babies!

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