Say your child’s name with love

When you have a beautiful new child in your arms, their name has profound meaning. You chose the perfect name, one that will carry them through life. You envision their future. However, eventually you get used to the name and it no longer has that special quality. It becomes a way to get your child’s attention. How do you bring back that reverence?

Your name is your identity, and how it’s spoken to you has an impact. Talk to your child and use their name in a loving way. Speak their name and tell them how much they matter to you. Tell them how important they are, and ask them how they’re feeling. You’ll still call them for dinner, but emphasize their name with love.

When you hear your name, you realize that you matter to the person saying it. You are recognized. You are important. When you speak your child’s name in a positive way, it can make all the difference.

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