Bad Fashion

I can’t believe that I’m doing this, but these are my boobs. And these are my boobs in “nursing” shirts.

The other day someone asked me if there was really a need for what I was hoping to create. I was sitting on my couch waiting for my toddler to empty his toy chest for the tenth time of the day, feeding my infant and watching the photos stream through the TV screen from our Apple TV. When we got rid of cable a few years ago, we set up our Apple TV to serve as a screen saver of sorts and all of our photos show across the screen throughout the day. It’s an amazing history of our relationship and the awesome life my husband and I have created together. It’s also been great for my toddler as he has learned family and friend’s names. He loves to just stand in front of the TV and shout our people’s names as they appear and disappear across our screen. It entertains him for least a total of 15 minutes of the day- and that is an eternity when you’re home with two little ones.

As I was sitting there, just in the midst of that one conversation, three separate photos appeared- case and point on why this whole thing is happening.




I didn’t feel like I was scantily clothed. I remember each day perfectly and I felt great. Clothing was just not a priority. It was my first mother’s day and our first attempt at dinner out with a baby, our first fourth of July with a little one to enjoy the parade, and our first time apple picking as a family. Amazing days. Amazing days- with cleavage. It was hot out, and the last thing I wanted to do was layer shirts. This is an example of what I consider to be “affordable” nursing shirt options. The tank and blue shirt are from Target and the striped shirt is from Old Navy all priced at around $20.

I would have loved to have framable photos as some of my “first” events as a mom. I am in no way saying it’s wrong to walk around with cleavage- especially when you’re feeding your baby. You can walk around topless and it would not offend me. But if you’re looking for it, affordable, supportive clothing that also allows easy access to feed our babes is coming! Hopefully, this summer there will be an affordable option for every nursing mom to enjoy!

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