The Sweatshirt

My son was born in early December. I had a wonderful home birth followed by a two week lying in period. It wasn’t my plan to lay low for two weeks, but I found that I really needed it. I was sore, grumpy, the weather was nasty, and in all honesty I wanted to go nowhere.


Around the middle of the month, we started sending family emails around with our Christmas lists. Mine had all very practical items on it but I placed a huge star next to the only thing I really wanted – “nursing clothes that aren’t maternity clothes”. Being well aware of the fact that my time lying on the couch watching other people take my very active toddler to his various play groups, practices and outings would soon be over, I knew I needed a plan. I knew that I was going to be frustrated once I had to put on something other than a nursing tank top and leggings.


My Dad decided that he was going to get me the requested clothing and went on a hunt. He has always been the type of man who buys his presents off of mannequins and I think he thought that he could go into a store and buy me an awesome breastfeeding outfit. A few days before Christmas and his trip up to see us in Virginia, he called my mom and I could hear the disappointment in his voice. He was totally striking out. My mom asked me where “one would go to find the clothes that I requested”. My response was, “I have no idea.”


On Christmas morning, I opened the big box from my Dad and was presently surprised. He had found an off-white tunic-length zip up hoodie and I loved it. He had put a ton of thought into it and I know searched long and hard for something that would make my life easier. I swear I have worn that sweatshirt at some point every day from that point on. It quickly became that cuddly piece of clothing that I knew would make me feel better even on the longest of post partum days.


I have thought about that sweatshirt a lot over the past couple of months since I have started Latched Mama. When people have laughed and have told me that better clothing won’t help moms want to breast feed, I always find myself drawn back to that silly sweatshirt. It may have not made me want to breastfeed, but it made it so much easier and by no means was that sweatshirt designed for the purpose of breastfeeding. It has a big bulky zipper that if I wasn’t careful would leave marks on my infant’s face, the zipper was also cold against his face when he was in the Ergo, and at the park it was cold to undress down to my nursing tank.


Although my clothes will be released for sale when the weather is warm, there will be at least two hoodies in the opening line- neither with a zipper but both with nursing access. I think every new mom should have that piece of clothing that makes them smile and makes their life easier- and who doesn’t love a hoodie?

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