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Books About Expanding A Family Beyond The “Mommy Is Pregnant” Genre

My family recently underwent the work to become a licensed foster care family. Since this is a big change, I wanted to introduce my three-year-old daughter to the concept of a new little person living with us. However, most books aimed at expanding families for young children are solidly in the “mommy is pregnant!/you’re getting a baby sister/brother” category, with

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The Best 5… No Wait… 6 Movies To Breastfeed To

Jaws. JK JK JK!  Okay, in all seriousness, if screen time isn’t your thing, that’s totally understandable.  However, if you find yourself under a baby (and possibly stuck) and wish to partake of some film-y indulgence, I’ve got some recommendations.  *cracks knuckles* Firstly, these are all available streaming on Netflix, because you’re stuck under a baby and aren’t going to

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Open Letter to the Sweet Summer Child Server who Commiserated over Motherhood-Related Sleeplessness

Oh, my sweet summer child server. We were snugly seated in the open-til-midnight diner booth’s waxy, glittery seats, bemoaning the endlessness and non-ecstasies of motherhood’s sleeplessness.  We meaning, in this case, myself and two mom friends.  We’d just ordered our milkshakes (essential) and tots (more essential) and diet cokes (most essential-est) and were beginning the night with some good-natured moaning

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