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Sleep is Better Than…

It took several years of trying to have my daughter, and the whole time, people brightly told me to sleep while I could.  When I became pregnant, people continued this urgent advice-giving, the words tumbling from their lips at a madcap pace.  Of course as luck or fate (whichever is cruelest) would have it, I had terrible insomnia throughout my

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All the Reasons You Rocked This Year (Thank You!)

I’ve been teaching my daughter to say please and thank you for things diligently.  “What do you say?” I’ve been prompting forever.  “Pees!”  “And?”  “Tank You!”  It’s an ongoing process, but she’s finally to the point where she’ll say the words unprompted every so often. And yet, despite my consistent efforts to raise a polite, thankful child, I find myself

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