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Open Letter to the Sweet Summer Child Server who Commiserated over Motherhood-Related Sleeplessness

Oh, my sweet summer child server. We were snugly seated in the open-til-midnight diner booth’s waxy, glittery seats, bemoaning the endlessness and non-ecstasies of motherhood’s sleeplessness.  We meaning, in this case, myself and two mom friends.  We’d just ordered our milkshakes (essential) and tots (more essential) and diet cokes (most essential-est) and were beginning the night with some good-natured moaning

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Wine Pairings For Sleep Regressions, Potty Regressions– All The Regressions

The Sleep Regression Sleep regressions are, in my humble blogger opinion, far and away one of the worst regressions. Just when you think life is chugging along merrily, and all your sleep woes have been overcome and climbed like a million tiny Mount Everests, suddenly there you are back at the bottom. For this, I recommend a calming lavender-mead nightcap;

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Dear Solo-Parenting Partner

Dear Solo-Parenting Partner, Hi. It’s me. You know, the parent who’s currently at work, while you’re solo-parenting for the majority of this bright, sunny, long summer Saturday. I just got your text about the Extremely Difficult Morning you’ve been having, complete with a Target meltdown, and although I’m still here stuck at work, I wanted to write this down for

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Writing Motherhood Insanity

I’m a writer. I’m a mother. Recently, I attended a reading by a woman whose bestselling book I really enjoyed, and I admired (still admire!) her greatly. The heart-eyes emoji? That’s me. But I misheard her when she was giving her talk, and thought she mentioned having a young child. My jaw almost dropped. How could this incredible author have

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What I Didn’t Know

The funny thing about parenthood is how much people will tell you before you become a parent (a lot) and how much you’ll actually listen to (not a lot, if you’re me).  It’s not that I didn’t know that having a child would drastically change our lives as a small family, but the ways it changed weren’t quite what I

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