Bleeding and Spotting During Pregnancy

There is nothing scarier than spotting vaginal blood when you are pregnant. But, there’s a couple of type of blood that you could see, and different colors. These are important details that make a difference in when it is time to panic and when it is probably nothing really too big of concern. Bleeding and spotting are both potential experiences for a pregnant woman and you should know what the differences between the two really are.

Key Takeaways:

  • Bleeding and spotting can be a normal occurrence during the first trimester.
  • Instead of stressing yourself out, be informed about the changes your body will go through during pregnancy.
  • Be informed about different reasons for bleeding/spotting and seep help from a midwife or doctor if you have questions/concerns.

“Spotting is defined as colored vaginal discharge that’s enough to leave some marks on a pad or panty liner, but not enough to soak it through.”

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