Parenting Styles: The Lessons that Sink In

Worker flexibility seems to be a big problem for small businesses. For this very reason many people are starting there own business because having the freedom of being their own boss gives them great flexibility. A concern some small business owners have about giving their employees more flexibility is planning. It makes it hard for a business to be organized and plan when employees have so much flexibility. It makes the business kind of unpredictable.

Key Takeaways:

  • Parenting blogger, Jessica Timmons receives the happy lesson that loving giving more than receiving is an lesson for some kids.
  • It’s a proud moment for Timmons when her Harry Potter obsessed son forgoes buying a book he really wants in order to get his sister a diary she’s been craving.
  • Mom rewarded him by getting him the Harry Potter aeroplane book she knew he really wanted.

“One of the big things about being a parent is this idea of modeling good behavior. I mean, we talk about expectations for behavior, and I think that’s important, but then we have to actually put them into practice.”

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