On being a “good enough” mom

All moms want to be the best moms. All moms want to be more than enough for their children but what of being enough is okay? Why should you feel guilty about just being enough? As long as your children have what they need then being just enough is fine. The fact that you are even asking these questions on whether you’re a good enough mom shows that you are a good enough mom. Som relax.

Key Takeaways:

  • Simply questioning whether or not you’re a good mom makes you a good mom.
  • A messy house is a sign that your children have their basic needs provided for them, and have opportunities for play and growth.
  • Even when you yell at your children, telling them you’re sorry teaches them that we all make mistakes.

“Perhaps because of this, as a person who constantly strives for excellence and perfection in every area of my life, I constantly find myself doubting my decisions and abilities as a mom.”

Read more: http://www.hellobee.com/2017/12/05/on-being-a-good-enough-mom/

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