How I Told My Kid About Santa: Parents Spill

Telling kids the truth about Santa varies from household to household. Some parents decide that it is best to never start the tradition of Santa Claus in the first place. There are also families that come up with a creative way to break the news when children are old enough to understand and not break the mystery for those who are younger. With the media and kids at school, the mystery can be broken by other kids. The main advice is to be open and upfront when you believe the child is ready.

Key Takeaways:

  • One blogger reminisces about discovering Santa’s true identity by realizing that the red-suited guy had handwriting exactly like he mom’s.
  • Some households dispense with the Santa mythos because of personal, ethical choices, or because of religious reasons.
  • Often guilt, or concern that someone else will reveal the Santa secret pushes parents to reveal the truth to the kids.

“For those with kids, figuring out how to handle the Santa situation can be a tricky parenting hurdle.”

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