Toddler Mealtime Battles: The Dinner Table Escape Artist

Toddlers can be difficult even in the best of times, but when a sibling comes into the picture some toddlers might start getting more difficult. A consistent routine can help bring your child back to better behavior. Increasing the amount of positive attention they receive, and avoiding any sort of reward for their negative actions can further shape their behavior for the good. And if meals are suffering, try fitting in more substantial snacks to make sure they keep getting enough nutrition.

Key Takeaways:

  • Toddlers can often go through difficult phases, and some parental experts recommend patience to see if the behavior works itself out.
  • Keeping to a consistent routine, for you and the children, can help ease or prevent difficult behavior from occurring.
  • Applying some positive attention through praise and other behavior can soothe a difficult toddler before they begin acting out.

“when she does act up or push your buttons, stay as poker-faced as possible and remove yourself from her presence (after intervening in any kind of safety-type scenario, of course).”

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