How I’m Trying to Parent With Intention

All parents can do is spend quality time with their kids. There are so many buzzwords and the truth is, each family is different and so are their circumstances. In this instance, the mother has an eight year old and a ten month old. She’s doing a trade off in making sure that the son knows how to respect his mother and sister, and understand that there are certain behaviors that aren’t acceptable. With the daughter, it is all about learning how to overcome challenges and being encouraged in successful ventures. Every family is different but this particular mother and family are successfully working out their lives day by day.

Key Takeaways:

  • We must be purposeful with our words and our actions.
  • Our kids are watching all of the things that we do no matter if we think they are or not.
  • At the end of the day if we set a good example for our kids and we have done our best and we have given them a good example and they are known they are loved we have done our best.

“I sometimes find myself wishing there were a concise manual handed to all parents as soon as the baby arrives, but then every child would be the same”

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