Why my kids have an insanely early bedtime even in the summer

One parent has taken structure and schedules to the extreme. She ensures no matter what her daughters get to bed every night by 6:30 no matter what time of year or the occasion. Why is this? The answer should be pretty obvious to parents who have already gone through the toddler phase. Toddlers are hard to put to bed if not kept to a schedule, the later they stay up the harder they re to put to bed. So kudos to you momma.

Key Takeaways:

  • Children need plenty of sleep; there are health and behavioral benefits. Early bedtimes actually help with this.
  • Children should be sent to bed at an appropriately early time even if this sometimes socially awkward (for instance, leaving a social event early).
  • When children are in a proper sleeping pattern, this makes life easier for parents by giving them time for their own activities and allowing them to relax.

“Late bedtimes have also been linked to disruptive behavior and less sleep attained overall.”

Read more: https://blogs.babycenter.com/parenting/kids-go-bed-insanely-early-even-summer/

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