Preparing for the 1 to 2 kid transition

It can be overwhelming going from a 1 child home to a 2 child home. Have no fear there is something you can do to help the transition become just a little bit easier. Hire a postpartum nanny. Yes, they exist. They will help with the new baby, cook and clean- they are costly but it could be worth it helping you recover Not to mention you can spend the extra time while you have the nanny to spend with your first child. Many of these nannies will live in, or work just day time hours and often come with nursing or medical training.

Key Takeaways:

  • As a mother you can spend additional time with the older child having a postpartum nurse to help with the transition.
  • Having a postpartum nurse will help your body heal, giving you time to build strength and get into the routine of having 2 children.
  • Having a postpartum nurse will alleviate some of the guilt and worries of the two children getting along until everyone has a schedule.

“The best part is that live-ins sleep with the baby at night, so no night duties!”

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