Parenting Through the Valley of Grief

There is no doubt that parenthood is complex, marked by a mix of heartwarming moments and unforeseen challenges. One of the unexpected challenges many of us encounter is parenting while navigating the wilderness of grief. Two years ago, I faced the devastating loss of my sister. As I grappled with shock and sorrow, I realized that while my world had seemingly stopped, life continued around me. Moreover, I had the daunting task of explaining to my children that their beloved aunt was no longer with us. It felt nearly impossible at the time. However, with the love and support of those around me, I learned valuable lessons during those early days of heartbreak. Here are some of the things I discovered:


Honesty with Your Children.

Children are often more perceptive and empathetic than we give them credit for! As I held my kids and comforted them, I chose to be honest with them. I explained that I was grieving deeply, missing their aunt, just as they were. Acknowledging our shared pain allowed them to see me as a fellow human being with emotions and struggles, and it strengthened our connection.


Give Yourself Grace.

Amid all the needs and obligations of motherhood, it’s easy for us to forget that we need to extend ourselves the same grace we would give others during times like this. Don’t hold yourself to an unrealistic standard. Allow yourself to grieve and understand that some responsibilities can be temporarily set aside. Moreover, don’t hesitate to accept the help offered by those who care about you! They want nothing more than to support you during these trying moments.


Allow Yourself to Smile

In the midst of the undeniable sadness of grief, it can sometimes feel wrong or disloyal to your lost loved one to enjoy life, smile, and laugh. But allowing yourself to feel the joy of life as well as the pain of grief is perfectly natural. After all, grief is an expression of the deep love you had for the person you lost! While it might seem as though time should stand still when we lose someone dear, allowing yourself to embrace the joys of life can be a source of healing. Smile over cherished memories, laugh with your family, and cuddle with your kiddos. The loss of a loved one reminds us that life is short, and it’s important to savor the happinesses it brings.


Parenting through grief is a weighty journey. It’s marked by the ebb and flow of so many emotions, and it’s anything but predictable. Yet, within the shadows, there are also glimpses of light. As parents, we have the privilege of offering love and support to our children, even when our hearts are heavy with grief. Our children watch and learn from us as we navigate life’s hardships with grace and strength. This journey may be painful, but it’s one we undertake with resilience, treasuring the beautiful moments and embracing the bittersweet ones while holding our children close.

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