• I just wanted to say how helpful this post was. I had two healthy pregnancies. We decided to try for a third and I again got pregnant quickly but unfortunately had a chemical. I have had 2 more since. It was really helpful to hear about your experiences and beyond normalizing miscarriage, it normalizes the change we experience. Getting a positive pregnancy test this month was exciting but also terrifying for fear it would not work again. Thank you for being so open and honest! It was just what I needed while I wait to make it to the next step.

  • Is there anyway you ladies could write up a list of questions to ask a care provider? I feel like you don’t know what to ask until you’ve had a bad experience. Thank you so much for your vulnerability.

  • Thank you for talking about this. I am pretty sure I lost two early 6-7weeks. But after having my daughter I realized that I don’t test positive until 8 weeks after my cycle. Which is 5 weeks after ovulation. Then I lost one. And had my rainbow baby. But I have loved my care provider and felt he heard me when we found out our baby had stopped growing at 13 week ultrasound and we waited 2+ more weeks. Thanks for being open and raw.

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