I Don’t Know Who Needs To Hear This, But You And Your Body Are Enough

Sometimes, I wish I had the body I had before I had kids.

The body that wasn’t tired, the body that wasn’t so full, the body that was happy to do so much more. 

“You need to exercise more!” I have heard time and time again, but the truth is, I can’t figure out when to do it.  The gym’s childcare is for children who are potty trained only, my work hours take up a lot of my life, and by the time I *am* home, the thought of somehow fitting in a home workout on my yoga mat while the kids climb all over me makes me want to cry.

I wish I had a simple solution to this!  I really do!

What I can say is this:

This is a season of life.

I am taking care of myself the best I can with the time I have.

I am enough.

I am a person worthy of love no matter what my body looks like, what my body can or cannot do, how much weight I can pick up or not, the number of marathons I can run or not run. I am a fully lovable, wonderful person no matter how many stretch marks snake around my hips. I am a person who is worthy of self love and care even if my back aches at the thought of putting on the soft back carrier for the toddler. Your body is you, and you are part of your body, and it is a GOOD body. 

Would I tell my daughter her body was bad if it didn’t look the way she wished?

Of course not.

So why would I say that to myself?

Why would you say that to yourself, friend?

Your body is good.

Your body is perfect.

You are already enough.

My children look at me, and do they see the part of my body that cause me pain?

Do they see a tired body, a body that once was different, a body that causes me frustration?


They see a body of a mama who loves them, who gives them kisses, who cuddles them, who reads bedtime stories with good voices.  They see a body of someone who will say yes, let’s have breakfast for dinner. Yes, let’s go to the pumpkin patch. Yes, let’s put on The Lion King soundtrack for the 800th time (this week) and belt out all the songs together like loud roaring lions.

My body carries me, and it is a good body, even if it is not the same body I once had.

Your body is good, too.

The best, in fact.

Just wanted you to know.

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