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Moms, You Are the Life of the Party

Sometimes being a mother is the hardest job there is. Your hormones are raging and the work gets overwhelming, especially when you’re busy trying to make everything perfect and wonderful for everyone around you. It’s easy to neglect your needs, but you have to live your life. You are the party when you choose to focus on what really matters.

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A Message to ‘Perfect’ Moms

Parenting perfection is something many mothers strive for, but for some it’s all in their heads. Mothers who go into know-it-all territory without regard for the experience of others are obnoxious without realizing it. Think you’ve got it easy? Well lah tee dah. In this entertaining article at Scary Mommy, Bunmi Laditan writes a lovely letter to all the perfect

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Incredible, Unbelievable Birth Stories

No two births are ever the same, and I think that’s what makes birth stories and photos so enchanting. Once you’ve brought life into this world yourself, you understand a big part of what only mothers know, though every woman has a unique experience – especially these women! Featured at, these fifteen birth stories are unbelievable. Some are true

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