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The Toddler Nap Transition

As children transition out of being a toddler, they also transition into other areas of life. One such transition is the changes that come into their nightly sleeping and daily naps. Many parents face the challenge of knowing what is too much time napping and how this can make the evening sleeping a challenge. Where they once needed hours to

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Just Say No (To Forced Hugs)

One day while picking up her child from daycare a mom noticed that her daughter’s friend was making a big deal about not wanting to hug her child goodbye. The mom finds it strange since the two little girls are seemingly on a friendly basis as they play together often but when it is time to go and the first

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Five Quick Tips for Creating a Montessori Home

Montessori is an academic philosophy, encouraging serious, child-led learning, but it can and should be extended into a domestic environment. There are many easy, relaxed ways to make a home environment more Montessori-friendly. Changes like adding movable hooks to walls and putting shampoo or soap into more accessible bottles allow a child to take more control over their environment and

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Postpartum depression robbed me of my baby’s first months, and I’m mad as hell

Postpartum Depression stole mother’s memories of child’s beginning of life. An abnormal mental, physical, and emotional reality began, as she cared for her son in a remote manner, she felt nothing. It was postpartum depression. Just meeting his needs was not enough, something was missing, she knew it, so she turned to social media. After scouring social media for anything,

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