Top 5 Questions a Pediatrician Wishes Parents Would Ask

Parents are always searching for more information on their child. Given that a doctors visit is infrequent and short, here are some quality questions to get the most out of your child’s well check visit.
1. A fever is not always a fever. If your child is under 3, you’ll want to check in with the doctor at 100.4F and above. Above 3, 101F. But check your kid, if he/she looks sick, trust your gut!
2. Make sure that you are hydrating your kid with Pedialyte with an ill kid. Water or sports drinks may not do it. Be sure to skip dairy.
3. OTC’s are good for older kids but shouldn’t be used after day 5-7. Honey is the best remedy though.
4. Constipation is a common ailment that parents miss. Pooping infrequently and hard stools are early signs. If they are having infrequent stools or pain after eating, check with the doctor.
5. Rashes are common, but make sure that you are checking the child’s skin. Petechia are round spots that appear as a result of bleeding. Make sure that they don’t lose color, if they do, call the doctor.

Most importantly make sure you are asking the right question to get the best answers.

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