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Outraged mother sees pornography in her daughter’s christening cake

When you think of teddy bears made of marzipan, you probably don’t automatically think of vaginas. According to Sharon Green, the edible bears featured on the cake she purchased for her daughter’s christening were displaying their privates for the world to see! The bakery couldn’t believe the accusation, and defended themselves saying that the line is supposed to represent the

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Finding mommy me-time any way you can!

One often neglected item on every mom’s to-do list is “me time” – time alone, away from the stress and responsibilities of parenting (even though the stress and responsibilities never actually go away, it’s nice to pretend). Whether it’s an extra long shower or a nap in the car, moms at the Baby Center share their methods for sneaking time

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Baby love doesn’t always come easy

The entire process involved in having a baby is scary and overwhelming when you go through it for the first time. You’re so worried you’re worried about being worried. In this article from Scary Mommy, Allison Slater Tate recounts her personal story of struggle. You might not feel a connection to your baby right away, but don’t worry – it

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