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How To Pick The Best Doula For You

A doula is a great resource for information and support during pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. Women who have the support of a doula have reported experiencing less pain, increased chance of a positive birth experience, and increased maternal self esteem. Referrals are the best way to find the doula for you—ask your friends or check out a referral website. Check

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Having Fun With Toddlers Without a Screen

It can be difficult to keep toddlers entertained for any period of time. The SheKnows parenting blog put together a list of eight activities to keep your toddler engaged and creative without the use of any screens. Have your kids get crafty by painting with cotton balls, making thread pasta beads, and sculpting with cloud dough. Read the full article

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Watch Your Mouth: What Not to Say

Everyone knows about pregnancy hormones, but not everyone realizes when they say something that offends a pregnant woman. Some of these are invasions of personal space: “Can I touch your belly?” and “Do you plan to breastfeed?” and some are just flat out insulting: “You sure were hungry.” As difficult as it may be, try to respond cordially. If someone

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Giving Birth as a Spectator Sport

How many people do you want in the room while you’re giving birth? In the 1960s, women typically had one person other than a midwife present and the number has been rising steadily ever since. Channel Mum in the UK shows that the current average is eight people. Younger women in the spectator birth generation also have shown to be

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Taste Tests for Food Comparison

Does your child have strong opinions about food or is he or she just hesitant to try new things? Expand the food repertoire by making taste testing into a game. A recent post on Rookie Moms has several great examples for creating a test for your kids. Make sure they have something to vote with so you can keep track

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