Giving Your Kid A Sibling Isn’t A Good Enough Reason To Have Another Child

Some parents of a single child feel pressured to give that child a brother or sister. But if you talk to your child, chances are that this child is fine without having any siblings. Sometimes they may express a wish for a brother or sister, but this is not a good reason to have a second child. If your child is lonely, he or she can go on play dates with friends or participate in extracurricular activities. Besides, even if your child has a sibling, it doesn’t mean they will get along with each other or have a close relationship as adults.

Key Takeaways:

  • Having another child should be a personal decision, not to please your child or society.
  • Children are often fine with being a singe child, and are creative in finding ways to entertain themselves.
  • If your child needs more social interaction, consider play dates, taking them on outings with friends, or visiting with family.

“They are very likely quite happy with the way their life currently is. Of course, there will be days they wish they had a sibling. The feeling ends almost as fast as the idea that having a sibling will solve their problems. Trust me.”

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