What Is A Whole-Brain Child? The 4 S’s To Ensure A Secure Attachment

A whole brain child is one that is developed in all areas. Those areas are important for social development and for everyday life. You will want your child to be considerate and aware of the feelings of others. You will also want them to consider certain outcomes that they will inevitably face in their life. Safety and security are two of the most important things to give to a child. Your child will want to know that they can count on your to be there for them.

Key Takeaways:

  • Making your child feel safe and secure is the best possible thing you can do for them. They need to feel safe when they’re with their parents.
  • Children also need to feel seen because they want attention and need it. You should always be attending functions that are important to your child.
  • Security is another important thing a child needs to feel from their parents. They need to be able to count on your to show up and be there for them.

“A securely attached relationship enables a child to feel at home in the world and to interact with others as an authentic individual who knows who she is.”

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