A Pregnancy Update: Why we have a large age gap, getting pregnant after hypothalamic amenorreah and more

Large age gaps between your children can be due to a variety of reasons. Some are taking a long recovery time due to a difficult previous pregnancy or waiting because of the first child’s recovery from a surgery. Sometimes it is nice to enjoy some special time with your first child. Waiting on getting the first child into school or childcare is another reason. You can then spend more time with the second child while the first is at school. The biggest changes in the second pregnancy is that you can feel more emotionally ready and not be stressed because you know what will happen next.

Key Takeaways:

  • We waited five years before trying to have our second child.
  • Financial constraints meant that it made more sense for us to wait for baby number two.
  • Since we sold all of our old baby gear we had to go shopping all over again.

“The biggest difference I’ve felt this time is in my mental health. I was very anxious last time about everything. This time, maybe because I’m more familiar with how pregnancy feels in my body, I’ve felt much more emotionally stable.”

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