‘When do babies crawl?’ and other baby developmental questions

Predicting exactly when a particular baby will hit a certain milestone is impossible, though there are general guidelines that most babies do achieve particular milestones. It’s important to remember that in some cases you must help your baby or prepare your baby to be able to achieve milestones. Tummy time prepares your baby to crawl; smiling at and playing with your baby helps him or her to learn how to smile and laugh. Giving your child loving care helps them accomplish their growth.

Key Takeaways:

  • Babies are individuals and do things on their own timetable, and progress at different rates.
  • Babies tend to achieve the same goals within an average time frame for most children.
  • There are a lot of questions parents and caretakers can have as they help a baby develop.

“Every baby is different, and it’s true that every baby develops in their own way and time, but as a general rule the timing is usually the same, give or take a month of two.”

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