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Working While Breastfeeding

Working women who want to breast feed have to overcome certain challenges, including scheduling pumping sessions and keeping to a breastfeeding schedule that benefits both mother and baby. In an interview with Nancy Mohrbacher, a breastfeeding expert and author of Working and Breastfeeding Made Simple, challenges and benefits of breastfeeding while employed are discussed, as well as some valuable advice.

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Military husbands, hard working women

Being married to a military man means having to deal with things a little differently when your husband deploys. Over at Scary Mommy, Scarlet Hayes shares ten things that happened to her when her husband headed to the Middle East. She found herself in charge of responsibilities her husband took care of before, such as shoveling snow and fixing the

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Nursing While Pregnant

If you’re pregnant again and still nursing, you can continue to nurse your baby even after your milk supply turns to colostrum. However, you can’t force your body to produce more milk. Your milk supply is not influenced by what you eat and drink – it’s regulated by hormones. Your body has to work hard to keep your new baby

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“I’d Never Let My Kid Do That”

Before you become a parent yourself it’s easy to look at people with kids and say, “I’d never let my kid do that.” Then you find yourself in a situation where the thing you’d never let your kid do is the perfect solution to whatever problem you’re facing. It’s okay, you’re not alone! Clint Edwards has a great article over

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How to take a beautiful breastfeeding photo

Breastfeeding photos can evoke feelings of wistfulness and love to mothers and mothers to be, but are they painting a false picture of the experience? Taking the perfect breastfeeding photo is more difficult than it looks, because breastfeeding isn’t always perfect. Abby Theuring takes us through the process of capturing this beautiful moment over at The Badass Breastfeeder. It took

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Master a mantra for mindful parenting

Mindfulness is the act of paying attention to what’s going on in the moment while staying calm and non-judgmental. That can be difficult with kids running around and screaming like monkeys, but developing a mantra can be a helpful tool when things get stressful. Several mantras to try include: “This too shall pass,” “Pause, reflect, respond,” and “They are not

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