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How to cure “baby fever”

Your kids are more than a handful, but part of you is thinking, “I would love to have another baby, just one more.” That’s baby fever, and Whitney Barthel at the Baby Center blog has the cure – tantrum photos! When you’ve exhausted all other methods to keep baby fever at bay, take a look at this gallery of crying

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What parenting trends can we expect in 2015?

At the beginning of the year blogs are aflutter with predictions and trends for the coming months. Baby Center blogger Carolyn Robertson highlights five trends to watch for in 2015, including marijuana moms, crowd-funded babies, and modern baby showers. Moms-to-be are also revealing their pregnancy news earlier and many want to learn their baby’s gender as fast as possible. Read

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These nursing clothes work great, and they’re stylish too!

Are you tired of pulling your shirts up and down to nurse? Bunched up regular clothing can make the breastfeeding experience uncomfortable or annoying instead of the soothing bonding experience it should be. Latched Mama nursing clothes are the perfect solution! Abby Theuring at the Badass Breastfeeder has a great review about her experiences with Latched Mama’s clothing. Not only

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Is my baby being overfed?

A concerned mother at the La Leche League forum recently asked a question concerning the feeding schedule her family has for her baby while she works. She has a large baby being fed every two hours, and she’s worried she cannot maintain her supply while pumping at work. A knowledgeable mom replied, assuring her that her baby’s growth was normal,

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Annoying Online Moms

The motherhood journey is a colorful, magical, tragic, awful, happy, incredible experience, and moms all over are sharing their journeys on the world wide web for all to see. However, some of these moms are incredibly annoying, especially to other moms, and they don’t even realize it. There are the know-it-all moms, moms who enjoy telling their horrible delivery stories,

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Hormonal Contraceptives Linked to Decreased Milk Supply

The Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine has introduced a protocol revision on Contraception and Breastfeeding detailing the link between hormonal contraceptive methods and a decrease in milk supply. The revision also states that more research must be done. After many mothers have come forth explaining their personal issues concerning the production of breast milk while on hormonal contraceptives, there is enough

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