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A message to new moms

Having a baby is an overwhelming experience. The actual act of childbirth is hard enough, but the weeks afterward are difficult too. This article by Karen Alpert on Scary Mommy is a great read, especially if you’re new to this whole baby thing. There will be moments of joy and moments of hardship. Do the best you can and never

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Post-partum poop problems

Becoming a mother is an incredible process, and while there are sure to be some beautiful moments, it’s certainly not all pretty. One of the lesser talked about unfortunate events is the post-partum poop. If you’re expecting, get those laxatives ready! This fantastic, funny article from Scary Mommy tells you everything you need to know about the unholy brown horror

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Get ready, get set, crawl!

People love sports. There’s something about a competition and an inner desire to be the best that people have been obsessed with for centuries. We love races, whether they’re marathons, Olympic dashes, county fair minnow races, or… babies? This article from the Baby Center features a video from a basketball game interlude that had dads release their babies in a

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Know a lot about babywearing? Become a VBE!

Babywearing brings moms and babies closer together, both literally and figuratively! If you’re a big fan of babywearing with experience and knowledge about the practice, consider becoming a volunteer babywearing educator, or VBE! This post from Babywearing International describes what a VBE is and what they do. When you’ve volunteered for a while you’re eligible to increase your rank to

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