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Dads can take care of babies, too!

While there are no doubt many differences between women and men that go far beyond the physical, the man in your life should be able to take care of your baby on his own if need be (barring any safety or disability issues). If he can’t, that’s a problem worth exploring in your relationship. This article from the Baby Center

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Perfect prints to adorn nursery walls

Artwork can transform a nursery room in a subtle, beautiful way, and it adds something interesting for baby to look at. Motivational phrases are always great, but anything fun and colorful works well. Check out this post from the Baby Center for ideas! There are many options available, and you can purchase them online. Etsy is a great resource for

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Easy DIY Easter Bunny Wreath

The Easter bunny is coming, and he’s sure to visit your house with a cute fluffy bunny wreath on your door! This craft is super simple and requires only a few things you should be able to pick up at your local craft store: a set of bunny ears, a wreath form, glue, scissors, and some fluffy feather boas. Your

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3 ways babywearing helps moms

Babywearing is pretty awesome, and the benefits are huge for both moms and their babies. That’s certainly true in these stories shared by moms recalling the effect babywearing had on their lives. Pam suffers from chronic pelvic instability, and babywearing allowed her to care for her baby comfortably. Amy has very bad postpartum depression, and babywearing helped her connect to

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How to speak to a mom of boys

Any mom of busy kids will get the “you sure have your hands full” line from someone at some point, but if you have boys you’ll also get the question, “are you trying for a girl?” as if your boys aren’t enough, or assume other things about your family. In this post from Scary Mommy, Christine Organ explains what she

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