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Lesbian couple shares beautiful pregnancy photos

The love people share for each other and their children has no boundaries, and these beautiful photos demonstrate that better than any words. Melanie and Vanessa Roy journeyed into motherhood hand in hand, one after the other, each experiencing pregnancy a year apart. The photos featured side by side first show Vanessa pregnant and receiving a kiss and flowers from

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The mom jeans you wish you had

Unless you’re of the lucky few moms whose body miraculously bounced back into its original shape after childbirth, you’ve probably got a few bulgy places you’re not too fond of and your old clothes no longer fit. It’s time for mom jeans. This article by Catherine Naja at Scary Mommy features five questions moms ask when it comes to finding

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If your pregnancy tracker told the truth

Pregnancy trackers give you an idea of what’s going on inside you as your baby grows, but they’re not 100% accurate. If you want to know if your baby is the size of a plum or a cantaloupe, they’re great! But this entertaining article from Scary Mommy lists what pregnancy trackers would say each week if they could really tell

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Naptime interruptions are the worst!

Getting a fussy baby to fall asleep for a long afternoon nap is not an easy feat. You rock them, you sing, you nurse, you beg, and you cry, and finally they turn from raging beasts into sleeping angels… until the doorbell rings. Naptime interruptions suck, and no matter what you do (short of installing a sound-proof baby abode) some

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Caring for kids can drive you to drink!

Motherhood is a difficult job, and that’s putting it lightly. There’s nothing wrong with taking a little time for yourself with a nice glass of wine to unwind after a busy day full of poop and spit-up. This article from the Baby Center features 21 great reasons you deserve a wine break. Maybe you could pretend your PB&J breakfast at

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These baby names rock!

Naming your baby is no easy task. If you’re into thick beats, heavy guitar solos, throaty vocals and the occasional killer ballad, consider looking for a little inspiration from heavy metal icons. This post from She Knows is full of names like Dio, Gunnar and Rose, Les, and Justice inspired from album names, bands, and the musicians themselves! Read the

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