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Teaching Natural Consequences

In the article “Teaching Natural Consequences”, the author discusses the pros and cons of letting children learn through life experiences. The first paragraph tells about how shielding children from all negative consequences does not teach them a sense of responsibility for their actions. Examples of 12 possible negative consequences are given. Also it explains how it is important for children

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Best Kitchen Gadgets for Kids

There are a few kitchen gadgets that are appropriate and fun to use for kids. One is the Cherry Chomper which removes pits from cherries. The shape is very cute and will appeal to kids. Another is the Strawberry Slicer. There is also an Apple Corer and slicer too. There’s also a Butter maker and a Hand Crank Juicer. A

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20 things only allergy moms know

If your child does not have allergies than you are lucky, sort of. Moms who have children with allergies learn lot of different medical things that moms who have kids without allergies don’t need to learn. Moms of these kids can learn so many different things, from medical information, natural remedies, and even how to prepare in case of an

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On not enjoying every moment

Whether you are in school or a working adult, you probably feel like life is rushing past you from time to time. In your day-to-day life, it’s easy to get distracted with thoughts about what you need to do after work/school, plans for the weekend, and errands you’ll need to run. Or perhaps you get swept up in the past,

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