Do I really need that? Registry tips from an expert mom

The article is written about a mother of five children who would like to consider herself as an semi-expert at having children after her fifth child. In the article, the woman explains why she feels as though the quality of registry items are important for her children. The article shows the importance of having your registry list for a child done and completed so that you don’t end up with items for your baby that you don’t want or need, although you should be thankful for receiving something.

Key Takeaways:

  • Figuring out what essential baby gear to put on your registry that will be the most helpful to you is a definite key to making life easier with a new baby.
  • Don’t pick the cheapest brands just to avoid feeling like you are asking for too much. Getting the right brand of product that fits your needs is better than getting an inferior product that doesn’t
  • Think ahead and add things to your registry that you will need later on. Avoid asking for toys and blankets because these things will be plentiful anyway and other items like high chairs will be valua

“After 5 children, I would definitely love to say I’m an expert, but I think the terms well-seasoned and semi-burned-out are more accurate. But as a semi-expert, I am here to tell you that having the right baby gear can make or break you.”

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