How to start the day right with your baby

It is important before you head out the door for a busy day to spend time with your baby. When you wake your baby up spend time singing and snuggling with them before you get them dressed and downstairs for breakfast. Reading is alsp a great bonding experience between a mother and her baby and is very gpod for the baby’s development. It is never too early to start your little one reading lots of books.

Key Takeaways:

  • There’s always time for a bit of snuggling, or even a game or two, before the day’s routine has to be dealt with.
  • Struggling to fit your infant into clothes when he or she isn’t interested may require your hands, but you can still always fit a song in.
  • After you and the kiddo are dressed, and hopefully smiling, sit down together for a bit of breakfast and start the day off with full stomachs.

“Simple books with lots of bright, happy pictures are my favorite morning books. We opt for board books so my babe can easily practice turning pages. I also love soft interactive books made of fabric that babies can play with and even chew on.”

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