I questioned my early induction date and I’m so glad I did

I was freaked out when the nurse called and wanted to have an induction date at 38 weeks. She explained this was a normal procedure when one has gestational diabetes as I do. However, I was uncomfortable about this and consulted my doctor. The doctor agreed that my body was not yet ready for induction. Also , the gestational diabetes is almost negligible. So I am at home finishing projects .I can hardly wait to meet my baby for the first time.

Key Takeaways:

  • Patients should be prepared to ask questions and wait for answers from medical staff, especially if they don’t feel right about the proposed procedure.
  • Doctors will listen, especially if you make it clear this matter is important to you, so don’t be afraid to open up.
  • Just because early induction might be standard procedure in some cases doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the right decision for your particular pregnancy.

“I told her I was confused about being induced so soon, not feeling like my body was ready, and how I had really been hoping I’d go into labor naturally, or at least be closer to that point.”

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