To any mom who can’t take a compliment

A woman lost her child in pregnancy. She feels very down about the situation and wanted to even die herself at one point. Fortunately, she’s starting to believe that strangers and her own husband when they say they think very fondly of her and that she can maybe finally take a compliment now without feeling defensive. She suffered tragedy and it’s taken a lot of time to process and get over it. She is grateful to the person who complimented her even if her outfit is from Target as she put it. She just needed to hear some reassuring words to keep moving forward in the world.

Key Takeaways:

  • My best guess is, as a mom, I am always so focused on my kids, when the attention shifts to me, I grow uncomfortable.
  • a stranger’s recent praise made me rethink my automatic reaction to something nice being said about me.
  • after everything I’ve been through, I felt proud of myself for not reverting into self-deprication mode.

“In the end, it felt good not make excuses when someone said something nice about me. Hopefully, I can do this again. When my husband tells me I’m pretty. Or when a friend says she likes my outfit.”

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