Best Gifts For The Breastfeeding Mama In Your Life

It’s the most wonderful tiiiiiime of the year.  (Insert that ding-dong-ding-dong chime part of the song here in your head.  You’re welcome!)  To that end, I thought I’d provide a handy list you can just pass directly to the next person who asks you what they can get the baby for the holidays.  What benefits you benefits them — everyone wins here!

Lactation cookies.  What better time of year to lean into cookies than December, right?  This is a festive, foody gift with the added bonus that it helps with breastfeeding.  Could you make them into little gingerbread mamas, if you’re a gift-buyer thinking of how to kick this gift up a creative notch?  Probably!  Or just ask them to buy you a pre-made package.  Cookies are cookies.

This nursing-friendly hoodie.  It has a pocket!  So you know it’s worth owning.  Or there’s the Petal Front hoodie, which I’m also wishing I could just wear around, and I’m not even breastfeeding right now! Adorbs.

Amazon Kindle.  I’m not being paid by Amazon overlords to say this, I genuinely tell every new mama to get herself a Kindle STAT.  Things you can do easily with a Kindle that you cannot do with a regular book when you’re breastfeeding or pumping: Turn pages, keep the book on the page you want to be reading without fussing around with floppy spines, make text bigger or smaller depending on how dimly lit the room is, instantly change the book you’re reading for another when you’re trapped under a baby or a pump nozzle and find out you don’t actually like the book you’re reading.  (Also, bonus: a Kindle is unbeatable when it comes to snacking and reading at the same time.)  This is a Treat Yourself breastfeeding gift I will endorse forever and ever, amen.

Movie ticket for a solo night out.  If you are able to squeeze in a movie between nursing sessions or pumping times, the luxury of sitting in a movie theater without anyone touching you is a delight.  Oorrrrrrr….

A spa trip, or even just some fancy bath bombs would do, so long as you can be gifted the accompanying promise (with clear plans for how it will happen, such as a babysitter who’s already been lined up so you don’t have to do that kind of legwork that is the opposite of relaxing goshdarnit!) of some time to yourself without a baby or contraption strapped to you in some fashion or another.  Solo time to recharge is a luxury, and one that can be gifted thoughtfully!

Headphones.  Finally — if you’re not the parent who has to get up for a feeding (maybe you’ve got some pumped bottles and your partner is going to take a shift), why not try these sleep-friendly headphones to muffle the sounds that might keep you awake.  You deserve a restful sleep.  You need it!

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