I judged parents who put their toddlers on a leash — now I’m one of them

A mother discusses her decision to use a child-harness with her three kids. She once viewed these as being a bit ridiculous, but has since changed her mind since the birth of her third child. Both of her previous children were good about staying nearby and holding their parent’s hand. These harnesses can be beneficial for children who like to walk and adventure on their own. The harness allows the parents to know that their child is safe while simultaneously giving the child more freedom.

Key Takeaways:

  • She previously judged parents that use toddler harnesses and decided not to use one for her first two kids
  • Her third kid, a daughter, is strong-willed and she decided to use a child harness to keep her safe
  • She now understands why parents use toddler harnesses and no longer judge them

“Enter: The toddler harness. It allows her to explore her surroundings and test boundaries while still providing a certain level of safety. So in the name of my toddler’s safety and my own sanity, I’m leashing that girl.”

Read more: https://blogs.babycenter.com/parenting/judged-parents-put-toddlers-leash-now-im-one/

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