Say “yes” to your kids all day? My gut instinct says “Noooooo”

The concept of a “Yes Day” is catching on — and that’s not necessarily a positive thing, according to this writer. That’s the one day in a year when parents grant their children’s requests, no matter how silly they are. There’s now even a national “Yes Day” on December 19, as though birthdays were not enough. But after the sacrifices they make for their kids, the writer argues, it’s parents, not kids, who really need a Yes Day.

Key Takeaways:

  • Some parents have a problem with telling their kids yes all the time. Parental experts now think that other options need to be discussed as well.
  • Consider saying “no” to a few ideas while parenting these kids. That could prove to be a turning point for parents who have struggled with their kids.
  • Parental experts are weighing in on the facts that people need to know. Gut instinct could clarify certain problems that people tend to face as well.

“So while you may end up spending the night in a tent in the backyard, as Jennifer Garner was lucky enough to, you can veto a private jet to Disneyland.”

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