Don’t snip the pacifier tip! Use these safe alternatives

Sometimes people will cut off the pacifier so the baby can use it on their own accord, but studies have always said this was unsafe, until now, with recent advancements in pacifier technology, most are now safer than ever for a child to use on their own; and when it comes time to stop using a pacifier, you should talk with professionals and decide if you’re ready to see your child no longer have his or her favorite toy.

Key Takeaways:

  • In the past, breaking the pacifier habit was done by snipping the tip causing a loss of suction and the child’s loss of interest.
  • For those determined youngsters for whom snipping the tip wasn’t enough you might have to slowly whittle the tip away until it was down to a nub.
  • Due to the choking hazard, altering a pacifier yourself is no longer recommended but manufacturers have developed special pacifiers designed to help break the habit safely.

“A little incision causes the paci to lose its sucking power. After trying it for a few minutes, most kids will toss it in disgust. For others, you have to slowly trim away more and more of the pacifier. After a few days, it will be down to a nub. Then you can toss the whole thing.”

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