Depressed and anxious? Might want to put down that baby advice book

Depression and anxiety can be worsened when reading a baby advice book, and this explains in detail why and how you can complete your tasks with your child without having to add extra stress onto your plate — it goes on to explain how few people few as though they’re in control and so use the self help books to take the edge off, but further warns that these can do more harm than good in the long run.

Key Takeaways:

  • The elephant in the room with many of these books is that actually, despite their popularity, they are not based on evidence
  • Some of them actually go against what we know about promoting positive, healthy infant attachment, well-being and health
  • Our recent research has suggested that some books’ impact on maternal well-being is not good, and that there is a link between their use and an increased likelihood of symptoms of depression

“Too many parents find themselves questioning at 3 a.m. whether their baby is feeding too much, if they should be sleeping through the night by now, and wondering if there is anything else they should be doing differently. Social media posts often boast of sleeping, contented babies while in reality many parents feel unable to put their baby down.”

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